Native aggregation in cell physiology


2016     Matveev V.V. Comparison of fundamental physical properties of the model cells (protocells) and the living cells reveals the need in protophysiology. International Journal of Astrobiology, Page 1-8.
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2012     Jaeken L. and Matveev V.V. Coherent Behavior and the Bound State of Water and K+ Imply Another Model of Bioenergetics: Negative Entropy Instead of High-energy Bonds. The Open Biochemistry Journal, 2012, 6, 139-159.
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2011     Prokhorenko D.V. and Matveev V.V. The significance of non-ergodic property of statistical mechanics systems for understanding resting state of a living cell. British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science. 2011;1(2):46-86.
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2010     Matveev V.V. Native aggregation as a cause of origin of temporary cellular structures needed for all forms of cellular activity, signaling and transformations. Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling. 2010, 7:19.
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2008  Матвеев В.В. (Научный редактор). Линг Г. Физическая теория живой клетки. Незамеченная революция. Перевод с английского. Санкт-Петербург: "Наука", 2008 г., 376 с. Main principles of Ling's physical theory of the living cell (manuscript) [HTML]  [PDF]

2005     Matveev V.V. Protoreaction of protoplasm. Cell Mol Biol (Noisy-le-grand). 2005;51(8):715-23.
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2005    Matveev V.V, Wheatley D.N. "Fathers" and "sons" of theories in cell physiology: the membrane theory. Cell Mol Biol (Noisy-le-grand). 2005;51(8):797-801.
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2000   Matveev V.V. Evidence of a new type of protein-protein interaction: desensitized actomyosin blocks Ca2+-sensitivity of the natural one. A possible model for an intracellular signalling system related to actin filaments. Physiol Chem Phys Med NMR. 2000;32(2):167-78.
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2011   А.И. Грицук, В.В. Матвеев, Н.А. Грицук. Физическое состояние ионов калия в живой клетке и
радиобиологические эффекты инкорпорированного 137Cs

2008   Pollack G.H. Water, Energy and Life

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